Throwback: Zygote, Seemore

Piano – Richard Fairthorne

This is a throwback, at least 5 years, to playing some piano during a studio session with Mike Turner (Crash Karma, Our Lady Peace), Rick Wellbanks (The Rook, Zygote, Tallman) and Amir Epstien (Crash Karma, Zygote).

This was one of those strange moments where I performed on a record, and then found myself a few days later at a night club in the city, engineering sound for a young band covering their tunes. What a trip.

Amir has been at the help of several great Canadian music projects. His former band Zygote held the distinction of being the only local band able to sell out the Opera House two nights in a row.

I’ve crossed paths with Amir many times from 2000 on, in multiple capacities — as a fan, as a mix engineer, and finally as a session performer.

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