Kirsten Kirsch – Starshine

Kirsten and I worked together on this studio track at Jacob King’s studio in 2014, after her creative mentor passed away.

It was a great priviledge to be entrusted with a song for someone who was so dear to her.

Kirsten relays her fond memories:

“His name was John Rusich. I met him when we did a show together in 2007 and we continued to perform together in musicals until I moved to Toronto.

He was like the father I never had. He was my mentor, my reassurance, occasional human prop and my 3 am human panic button as long as he was in my life. He was kind and gentle, Italian, blue eyed and a true renaissance man in every sense.

He cultivated a love of culture and wine in me. He could hop on one leg to chuck berry or lean against a piano and sing the Rat Pack catalog with ease and grace, and not a crease in his suit.

To this day his laugh is the most musical thing I’ve heard and I can still hear it on the air. He was my person.”

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