Jlatte is Yearning for Your Love

I had the chance to work with Toronto artist, Joshua Jlatte Lopez and Videographer Julian Meli at JMPro Creative, and we put together this stunning and sonically pleasing musical moment. I engineered tracking and the mix/master process, as well as playing bass.

Local legends, Nicholas Otway and Richard Wiesdorf are on Drums and Keys respectively.

Something specially interesting about this performance is that it is an authentic live off the floor performance. Nothing is auto-tuned, or altered in any way except for basic mixing techniques. I felt this was true to the style that we were playing.

The session began with Jlatte playing through the songs, and then as Julian and I set up cameras and microphones respectively, we also discussed as a band how we would perform.

5 hours from start to finish, and we walked out with 3 takes and lots of video footage.

Per usual, take number one was selected, and we cut off a slice of magic.

Hope you enjoy!

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