Music Production

Media and events in which I have played an audio production role, such as Producer, Mix Engineer, or FOH Sound Engineer.

Yung Lean and Sad Boys at Rockpile East

July 2015 at Rockpile East
FOH Audio, Lighting – Richard Fairthorne

Yung Lean starred on Studio PSL in May 2014 and was also one of five final nominees for the 2014 P3 Guld in the Hip Hop/Soul category.

Yung Lean released his debut full-length album, titled Unknown Memory on 23 September 2014. The album was accompanied with North American and European tours, beginning on 1 December in New York with a nearly sold-out show on Webster Hall’s main ballroom stage.

Live Sound – ONYX / Stickyfingaz – Toronto

Sept 29, 2014 – Rockpile East, Toronto
FOH Engineer, Lighting – Richard Fairthorne

Onyx is an American hip hop music group from Queens, New York. The group is composed of East Coast rappers Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz and Sonny Seeza. Their music has been used in movies such as How High and 8 Mile and TV shows such as Silicon Valley and The Cleveland Show as well as numerous commercials, including SoBe and Gatorade.

Kirsten Kirsch – Starshine

Kirsten and I worked together on this studio track at Jacob King’s studio in 2014, after her creative mentor passed away.

It was a great priviledge to be entrusted with a song for someone who was so dear to her.

Kirsten relays her fond memories:

“His name was John Rusich. I met him when we did a show together in 2007 and we continued to perform together in musicals until I moved to Toronto.

He was like the father I never had. He was my mentor, my reassurance, occasional human prop and my 3 am human panic button as long as he was in my life. He was kind and gentle, Italian, blue eyed and a true renaissance man in every sense.

He cultivated a love of culture and wine in me. He could hop on one leg to chuck berry or lean against a piano and sing the Rat Pack catalog with ease and grace, and not a crease in his suit.

To this day his laugh is the most musical thing I’ve heard and I can still hear it on the air. He was my person.”

Jlatte is Yearning for Your Love

I had the chance to work with Toronto artist, Joshua Jlatte Lopez and Videographer Julian Meli at JMPro Creative, and we put together this stunning and sonically pleasing musical moment. I engineered tracking and the mix/master process, as well as playing bass.

Local legends, Nicholas Otway and Richard Wiesdorf are on Drums and Keys respectively.

Something specially interesting about this performance is that it is an authentic live off the floor performance. Nothing is auto-tuned, or altered in any way except for basic mixing techniques. I felt this was true to the style that we were playing.

The session began with Jlatte playing through the songs, and then as Julian and I set up cameras and microphones respectively, we also discussed as a band how we would perform.

5 hours from start to finish, and we walked out with 3 takes and lots of video footage.

Per usual, take number one was selected, and we cut off a slice of magic.

Hope you enjoy!

Timeless Man by Shotgun Wedding Band

We tore up the rug.. literally, so we could throw this party at Dick Black’s Rock and Roll Palace in High Park.

Shotgun wedding band played a spectacular set, including this piece – Timeless Man. After show prep, and mixing the band, we sent off the recordings for sync to video. Steamwhistle’s delivery man provided refreshments, commenting “This is the most ambitious live band house party I’ve ever seen.”

I think we pulled it off!

Tomorrow Never Comes by Datascape

This song is available for licensing here: It was co-written for a project tentatively called Datascape, with Jacob King, Andrew Lauzon and Dick Fairthorne.

Andrew Lauzon tells the story.

“Jacob and I started this track a few years ago and it probably would have been and instrumental – however, I was presented an opportunity to pitch a song to be considered for use as the end credit roll in the movie, “In Time” with Justiin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. The unfinished demo we had fit the vibe of what they were looking for, so we contacted Richard – I knew he would be the perfect vocalist for this. We came up with vocals keeping the story in mind, and finished the track in a marathon 24-hour writing recording session.”